We drive the evolution of human consciousness and cultural change – by living who we are:

By combining professional commitment with a deep connection to our own calling, we radiate our own potential and commitment to our task so that it is visible to others. Truth and transparency bring like minds and spirits together. We tackle the big challenges together. Now.

As consultants, trainers, coaches and healers we act as facilitators. We live by the knowledge we impart and create

new space for integration and growth on all levels – from the material to the spiritual, from the individual to the level of the community.

I help you to live who you are – to be authentic in your strategy, in your marketing, as a person and in your relationships with like minds and spirits.

“My mission is to create your personal space for integration and growth – space that provides you everything you need for the next steps in achieving your goals, for your development and for your happiness.”

1. Clear presence, strategy and professionalism as an individual and businessperson.

Your own essence – Your task – The right strategy and positioning – Professional, personal and noticeable presence on the market – Internet presence – Language that touches your audience – Public relations based on your core message – Lectures, articles, workshops, a book … Variable according to what suits you, but always with your unique signature. 

2. Inner strength and independence to pursue your calling and follow your heart.

Uncovering and tapping the inner potential – Taking advantage of existing strengths and channels – Wisely following the inner voice – Free from inner resistance – More independent from one’s own ego – Tending to one’s material and spiritual needs – Setting limits, with both heart and mind – Healthy relationships with partners and customers – Personal happiness, satisfaction and freedom to decide. 

3. Power of connectedness: a strong Self within a strong group.

A supportive environment – Focus on core competencies and offsetting weaknesses – Contact to relevant, reliable partners for transforming consciousness and culture – A real challenge: putting transparency and truth into practice – Committed yet independent partnerships – The success in “We” – Together we create space for growth. 

Like a wheel, your life attains its full momentum only when all of these factors are in balance and harmonize with one another. My goal is to work together with you to achieve this. The more your wheel can turn smoothly and freely on its own, the less you need me and the happier I am…

We usually start with a full-day coaching or consulting session. I often work with my clients over the course of many years as they progress along their professional and personal path. Just give me a call and we can see if it’s a good fit and whether it makes sense for me to join you for a while on your journey.

:: 7 years corporate experience: corporate strategy, marketing, sales and business development – in consumer goods, distribution, pharmaceuticals/health, consulting.

:: 12 years consulting and coaching: providing corporate strategy and communication, marketing, public relations as well as potential and personality development for people, products, services and conscious businesses.

:: 20 years of spiritual practice and exploration of personality and consciousness development.